Every success is built on the ability to do better than just good enough. Simply put, that is our mission and our philosophy. If you have ever bought a bottle of wine or spirits to acknowledge an occasion or been the lucky recipient of one, at Curiosk we’ve created a wine kiosk that lets everyone add value to the occasion.

Look for the Curiosk wine kiosk in your local wine & spirits store. Use the kiosk to: 1. Scan the barcode on a bottle to learn about the product – tasting notes, food pairing recommendations and cellaring guidelines. 2. Use the touch screen to choose greetings and type personalized messages. 3. Print out a card that fits over the neck of a bottle complete with the wine information and your personalized greeting.

Our patents pending wine kiosk benefits a winery looking to provide product knowledge, a retailer seeking innovative customer service, a customer with the convenience of finding information and creating a greeting card, and the recipient by having information about the wine. With the Curiosk wine kiosk, together we’ve done better than just good enough. Innovative & informative. Creative & convenient.

   December 16, 2017

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